Saturday, September 26, 2009

What's RIM Cooking These Days?

It might sound like a joke to many, but RIM's new phone goes by the codename "Mr. T". Yep, you read correctly, Mr. T is the codename for one of their latest phones in development.

What exactly is a "Mr. T"?

Mr. T is a QWERTY Keyboard Slider the size of a Storm with a full touchscreen.

This is not a rumor anymore, RIM is actually working on this phone full force, although its at a very early stage of development.

Another thing I know about it is that the ON/OFF and SEND/CANCEL buttons are on the screen, although anything can change at this point, except the fact, of course, that we will be getting a Slider from RIM.

Also, its not like a Sidekick, the keyboard here will come underneath the bottom of the phone, BUT then again, anything can change.

The question here will be to everyone out there: Will this be a Storm 3 or a completely NEW device?

What do you think?

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