Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blackberry Onyx, A MUST HAVE…?

As much as I wanted to hate the new Blackberry ONYX, I found it impossible. It’s not because the phone isn’t great, but because of the Storm 2 coming out at the same time, and I just couldn’t put the idea of having this phone instead of the Odin in my head, it just sounded crazy to me.

The new Blackberry ONYX-9700 is a MUST HAVE, no questions asked. Why?! Its not only because its newer than a Bold, its because of EVERYTHING.

The way it LOOKS: It just screams elegance and sexiness really LOUD. So loud your neighbors might call the cops on you.

The way if FEELS: Not only is it smaller than a Bold, and even than the Tour, but once you grab the phone you’ll know you have the ultimate phone experience in the palm of your hand. It’s light, amazingly and surprisingly easy to text on, and the trackpad… Holly Crap, the TRACKPAD…. Its just heavenly to use, and it can only be compared to God kissing you with a mouth full of scotch. The trackpad on the 9700 may look like the one on the 8520, but believe me when I say this one is on a whole different league of its own. It just feels like its going to last forever, and I’m all about that idea.

Without getting too technical lets just put it this way: If you have a GSM carrier and you don’t get this phone, then you are missing out just like a teenager boy going through puberty that didn’t make it to the prom.

I guess it’s bye-bye to my Tour, switching to an Odin, and using my Onyx on the side too.

Blackberry Onyx = Awesomeness


  1. I feel a Tour giveaway coming.

  2. I have a 9700 and I completely and I endorse this message. haha
    It's really easy to upgrade to BlackBerry Messenger to v.5 and MAN is it worth it!
    Great job Sal!

  3. you can only imagine how much i want this phone i have been waiting since the pearl for t-mobile to get a 3g blackberry. I upgraded to the 8900 but i will unlock it and sell it and go back to my 8100 just so i can get a least a particular upgrade.

  4. I want this phone SOOOOO bad!!! I have the 8900 which I love, but I want the 9700 as well!!! please have a give away for the BB 9700!!! It's def needed!! BTW, i watch all your videos lol