Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Real Reason Why OS v5.0 Is Not Out Yet

Can you guess?

Before I start going off here, I just want to say that I might be 100% wrong here, but from my business POV this is why I think RIM hasn't released an official OS v5.0 yet.

We have at least 2 major phones from RIM that should be announced sooner than later; the Bold 2 and the Storm 2. What do those phones have in common? They are both running on 5.0, right?

Well, if RIM decided to release 5.0 right now, they would be giving your "old" Bold, Storm, Tour, etc.. a nice update, that might make people say "Hey, this is actually awesome, and my phone feels like a brand new phone again", and for that same reason their new product wouldn't sell as good as it is supposed to.

So, when are we going to see the official OS v5.0 being released? Easy, Between mid November - mid December.

You guys want to place a couple of bets here?

Please leave your comments and let me know how you feel about this move from RIM. I personally think its really smart on their behalf, business-wise, but as a consumer, I would just ask for an official 5.0 for my Tour now, and I promise them I'll buy the new Storm 2 when it comes out ;)
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