Thursday, September 17, 2009

New OS version for the Storm?

Ok, so a "new update"/OS version for the BB Storm just "leaked" and its OS v5.0.0.230. A lot of people is asking "Why is the file so small", and also "Why is installing this version different from any other OS installation?". And the answer is really simple: Because its NOT an OS version, it has to be a hybrid. 

Some are saying that RIM is getting rid of the .EXE to prevent leaks, but we know for a fact that RIM is still using .EXE internally, so that's BULLSHIT #1

Also, if you are able to install this OS on top of v5.0.0.191 that means is not an update, because we all know, that when updating your phone all previous OS versions MUST be deleted from your computer before installing the update. So that's BULLSHIT #2

EDIT: Some people told me that they can update their phone without deleting previous OS versions before, so I guess that's from my personal experience, BUT you NEVER have to download a previous version OS, install it, and then install the second version so that's why its BULLSHIT #2

I don't fully understand why people leaked this "hybrid" and called it an OS version, I don't see how that helps anyone. Why not just call it what it is; A HYBRID?

Please leave your comments, thoughts, and even suspicious as to why they want people to look at this "Hybrid" as another OS version. 

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