Thursday, September 17, 2009

Release Dates for BB Bold 2 and Storm 2?

Yes, that's right. Everyone just keeps talking about these dates, and after reading a bunch of rumors I'm going to tell you exactly what I heard from 2 extremely good sources, but please keep in mind that things always change because there is more than 2 parties involved in these dates.

We all thought that the Bold 2 was coming out Before the Storm 2, simply because of the fact that the OS on the Bold 2 seemed to be ready before the Storm 2, but that's not the case. The Storm 2 will be out before the second generation Bold. 

"Official" Release Dates:

Storm 2: Mid October, but don't be fooled, Verizon won't be the first one releasing this berry, Vodafone will. Although Verizon is working really hard in order to get almost the same release as Vodafone my guess would be a week apart from each other, and then Canada will see the release soon after Verizon, if not at the same time. 

Bold 2: Since RIM decided to push the Storm 2 first, they want to give the second generation Storm a little air in order for it to sell as much as possible. This leads the Bold 2 - 9700 to release Mid November to almost the first days of December. Although, lucky people from the UK, here is some good news for you: T-Mobile UK is planning on releasing on October too. 

Like I said, nothing is for sure yet, but most likely  this is exactly what will happen. Just thought of posting this since everyone is just talking, but no announcements have been made so far by any carriers. 

Don't forget to comment, let me know your thoughts, and/or information if you have some insight. 
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